Tuesday, January 17, 2006

O Muse, Muse! Wherefore art thou Muse?

I nearly dropped a lung reading Joe Konrath's post on writer's block! The Jerry Springer bit is HILARIOUS! Priceless funny.

I disagree with Joe, though. I do believe in writer's block. It happens. That brilliant, original muse of yours just sort of.....well....it disappears. For the life of you, you can't think of a single brilliant scene to write, or plot to dig. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not a single one of those divine novel ideas.

My advice for writer's block is simple. Just write, of course. Just write right through it. ;-)

Write about anything. About what you saw happen between a mother and her unruly kids while waiting in line at the grocery store---What's going on in their house? What's that annoyed or embarrassed Mom going to do once she finally checks-out and gets the kids herded into the mini-van?

Write about the latest headlines from CNN or your own local news---Is that kid really missing? Or did he or she run away? If so, why? Why on Earth did that other kid beat a homeless man to death with a baseball bat? And just how did that guy end up homeless anyway?

Write about the lyrics in one of your favorite songs---Why did Billy Jean say he was the one? Perhaps the kid really is his son after all - hmm - And how about that Heartbreak Hotel? Who's staying there anyway? And why the heck are they so lonely?

Write about the storyline of one of your favorite movies. Etc. You get the picture. Just write. Before you know it * poof * the block is gone. The creative brilliance returns.

O Muse!

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