Monday, February 27, 2006

A Cold, Rainy Day in South Carolina

Just got back last night from attending the South Carolina Book Festival. Man, was it cold! I had my jacket, but I needed a scarf, gloves, a fireplace, you name it. Many people said, "But Millenia, this is good weather, it's only like....40 degrees."

Hello? I'm from SOUTH FLORIDA. Born and raised. We don't do 40 degrees very well here! LOL

It rained all day on Saturday - and I mean all day - but we still had an enjoyable time. Met some fabulous fellow authors, and had great conversation.

The festival was very well attended (despite the rain) and even more well organized, which compared to others, was a refreshing experience. Kudos to the director, Paula Watkins Millen, Mary Harris, and the rest of their staff for organizing a great event.

I had the pleasure of being in the company of some great co-panelists including Beth Webb Hart, whose debut novel (GRACE AT LOW TIDE) I bought and can't wait to read - she autographed it to me so warmly. Also Mary Alice Monroe - whose work I've always enjoyed over the years - Michelle Buckman, Jim Daher, and Ron Rash. All great company!

My long-time fave Sandra Brown attended as well, but as luck would have it, I didn't get to see her presentation. Our schedules clashed. What a bummer, I know. :-(

Saturday evening they had a pig pickin' food gathering for the authors - real down home southern barbecue, fried chicken, potato salad, ice tea, etc.....let's just say that, after a small sampling of each goodie, I think I left the restaurant a card-carrying diabetic. :) It was great. I spent lots of time chatting it up with novelist Sofia Quintero (aka Black Artemis) and a couple gentlemen writers, local talents. We had a great time.

Essie Mae Washington-Williams came to the pig-pickin' and the local guys filled us in on the uproar that resulted in the state when Ms. Williams was revealed to be the daughter of card-carrying racist, Senator Strom Thurmond.

Also had a great time getting political with author Lynne Hinton - who cracked me up to no end (have a great time on the road, Lynne!), Gayden Metcalfe - who cracked me up even more (thanks for the tip about bean dip ;), Jackie Cooper, Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Electa Rome Parks, Tyehimba Jess and others.

It was nice meeting and chatting it up with everybody. If you weren't there, sorry you missed it. It was a great time!


  1. Sounds like fun, Millenia! I am so with you on the cold thing. It's been 60s/70s and pouring rain in Hawaii. I'm wearing pants, sweatshirts, and shivering my butt off. My mainland family doesn't sympahtize at all. :)

  2. I feel your pain too, Lynne! The folks in SC weren't exactly drowning me in sympathy either.

    Ah, well. They were just jealous because I'd be back in my 80 degree tropical paradise in less than two days. ;-)

  3. Hey, Millenia! Was that food great or what? I enjoyed our conversations and hope to see you at other book fairs and literary festivals. To ensure better weather in the future, I say we rally for a new festival: the Puerto Rico Book Festival! We just have to be sure not to schedule it during hurricane season, LOL!

  4. Puerto Rico sounds fabulous! Tropical. Bright. Sunny. My kinda locale!

    Except during hurricane season that is. ;-)

  5. Geez... you would hate Carson City, Nevada. We are having some beautiful 40 to 50 degree weather. And, we were supposed to have some snow today.

    Well, I have lived in Florida too around Pensacola (did my military training there). I loved the place.

  6. Hi Cynthia (I have an aunt named Cynthia :) - No, I doubt Nevada would be the place for me, either. Snow? We don't do so well either.

    Pensecola doesn't count. Far cry from South Florida. They're on the panhandle, bordering GA and AL - gets pretty cold up there. Heck, they're not even in our time zone! LOL

  7. Great to see South Carolina inviting more AA authors to join their panels. That's only happened in the last couple of years.

  8. I'd love to attend something like that, but I live in such a rural area, I have a long drive to such places or even have to fly.

  9. Hi Faith - if you ever have the opportunity, it's really worth the trip!

  10. Glad you had a good time, Millenia. You wouldn't last very long here in DC either!


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