Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Millenia "Connects" ~ Amazon Connect Program

So I jumped on the Amazon Connect bandwagon and I must say that - comparative to some of the more outlandish features they've been coming up with of late - this one's actually pretty good. I appreciate the opportunity to leave messages on THE GREAT PRETENDER'S Amazon page as an avenue to reaching potential, and even past, customers. Wonderful feature.

One must, however, be mindful of the content one leaves. According to the terms and conditions, Amazon not only owns every word you blog there - and short story you may submit in their Amazon Shorts program - but based on the language, it appears they can make plays, movies, audio books, etc. of said words without so much as offering you a farthing. Knew there had to be a catch!

You can check out my first "connection" here - hope the permanent link to the page works! Enjoy.


  1. That's my big hesitation right now. Them owning my words.

  2. That's very interesting. I know there's been some controversy about the plog feature, but I think it could be really great feature for readers.

    Congrats. Yours looks great.


  3. Lauren -
    That's why I'm hesitant to submit a short. I'm still thinking about it, though. I mean, it's a helluva way to help attract readers to your books....I think I'll eventually cave and do it. If they do exercise their rights, I doubt it'll be with the work of lil ole me. ;-)

    Maia -
    Thanks! I'm not sure how often I'll be posting anything there, so wanted to leave something that wouldn't get stale. ;-)


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