Friday, February 17, 2006

Movie Mistakes!

Everybody knows I'm a movie buff. I love a great film almost as much as I love a great book. :)

Check out Movie Mistakes, it's awesome! Lists all kinds of "uh-oh we screwed up" mistakes in every movie imaginable - i.e., an actress is wearing earrings when a scene starts, but they mysteriously disappear and reappear 10 times before the scene ends......Or, you see the reflection of the camera crew in a store window or the body of a shiny car......Or, as with TITANIC, it's like 1912, yet someone's sporting a digital watch or Rolex, or something.

You can even add missing mistakes to the database if you've noticed any that aren't there. It's pretty cool.

Hmmm......Look out if they start doing this with books. Maybe they already do? Is there a website out there called "Book Mistakes"? Wonder what we authors would think about that!



  1. Great site, Millenia! I was on there for like ever searching every last one of my favorites!!

  2. that's an addictive site. What's worse is now I'm going to have to rent star wars again--this time with the list in hand.

  3. Dang it, Mil. I should be working but I've been looking up movie mistakes for the last half hour! That is a really cool website, never heard of it before.

  4. Hey, Millenia! Thanks for linking to me. I'll add you to my sidebar ASAP. Hubby's making me get offline for a few; we've got a thunderstorm, which is pretty unusual for Hawaii! :)

    I'm not sure I can take the movie mistake site. LOL! I'm bad enough on my own. :)

  5. Oh that's cool, lol! I love Titanic, and didn't realize how many factual errors there was in it!


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