Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tom Cruise Gets "Freyed," Oprah Style

I'm still marveling over how creative some folks can be. I had to share this - it's pretty close to ingenious! Absolutely awesome. They nailed it big time. 'Nuff said.

You'll die. Click the arrow, check it out:


  1. okay Millenia, ya killin' me! Isn't it scary what they can do with editing???

    Poor Tom. He really needs to come out of the closet now. He's making a joke of himself.

  2. ray charles could see this guys a fag... i agree with jj, joke is actually putting it mildly. he just wants to have a biological kid and it will also help dispel the gay rumors, but who is he kidding? not even oprah bought that couch sham. it'll come out one day the way it almost did when that european guy came out about having him on tape or something like that. all this public fiasco started immediately after that. he's gay...just scared to tarnish his career.

  3. ummm... I really liked his first movie. I really don't like him. I like his ex... Nicole Kidman.

    Can you believe that he wants Kate to have no pain medication during the birth... and that she will not be able to scream??? What kind of man is he, anyway?

  4. Holy smoke! That was AWESOME! It's ABOUT FREAKING TIME someone nails his butt to the wall. HA!

  5. Oh man ... that is definitely the way it should have happened.

    It will be interesting to hear if she really makes it through without the teeniest scream.

  6. That's hilarious!!!!

    But I must tell you Tom Cruise did fall head of heals in LUST with Katie. He IS an all or nothing person, deeply insecure, yet arrogant.

    He did not lie. He was smitten for her.

  7. Hi JJ - Yes, very scary what can be done with editing. Yikes.

    Hi Cynthia - I like him okay, but I don't think we (the public) knows who the real Tom Cruise is. He's always acting - in every single interview - it's acting.....As far as the silent birth thing, I saw a clip of his Diane Sawyer interview and he said it's everyone else in the room that must be quiet, not the mother. So there's that---if it's true. Who knows with the cryptic staple of Scientology? ::shrugs::

    Hi Anne - I know! I nearly fell off my chair when I first saw it, LOL! Too bad it isn't real. No one's brave enough to go there with him, I guess.

    Hi Valeen - You know, I'm sure James Frey would agree with you! ;-)

    Hi Eyes - How you been? Long time no "see"! I know, ha-ha. :)

    I don't know about Tom. It's interesting you believe him, but as I said before, I think he's simply playing a role in his interviews and public appearances. That is not the guy behind the curtain, IMO.

  8. I met some scientologists when I was in Africa... they have and do some really weird things. i.e. they think that you can know and control everything around you in your environment...consequently they are very arrogant around "normal" people. At least that was my experience.

  9. Cynthia, I've heard supporters of Scientology, like Priscilla Presley, say that the reason it's so heavily scrutinized and criticised is because it's new. Anything new is bashed.

    I think the fact that members are deprived of certain "enlightenment" until they've reached a certain level in the church is a glaring red flag. You'll have no doubt pluncked down a good chunk of change by then, eh? LOL

  10. I needed this chuckle after that jim crow post. :*) This Cruise/Frey mixture really was ingenious! I think anybody could see that Cruise was putting on a show for the cameras on Oprah, that couch jumping spectacle was just eye-rolling.

  11. Tom Cruise wasn't putting on a "show" for Oprah or the world. He was truly giddy with glee.

    Tom Cruise is an "all or nothing" kind of guy. He falls for people quickly and falls away from them quickly too. He isn't able to form deep attachments. Hence his divorce record.

    He developmentally stopped growing years ago. He is stuck in a phase of maturity of a young adult. That's why no one understands him. That's why people thinks he is playing games. When you watch an 18 year old boy - you can witness the same exact behavior. Deep feelings of love (though actually lust) come flying on, and then over the months it slowly abates. In interviews now, Tom is happy but NOT GIDDY. He is starting the down already.

    As soon as something else catches his eye -- whether it is a new movie, a new project, a new religion, Tom will be off raving about it, ranting about how wonderful it is.

    Tom Crusie is NOT a happy man. He is a tortured soul. Tortured by his own issues.

    I am surprised no one sees this...

  12. Then how is it that he never behaved like that before in public? Even Oprah commented on that and I've heard other interviewers say it too, he's always been an intensely private person. I dunno, I think you're missing the mark on this one. I think he's a very mature man. He's just gay and trying to live his life in a closet he's trying to convince us doesn't exist. That's my sense. Naturally, I could be way off base.


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