Friday, September 09, 2016

Blue Satin Sashes? Yes, a Release Date is FINALLY Here!


It's September everyone—the kids are back in school, summer's end peeks over the horizon...and the Favorite Things wait is finally over! 

I'm so happy to share that BLUE SATIN SASHES is now available for pre-order today exclusively on Kindle and will be out November 28!!

The fabulous Tasty Book Tours is organizing the cover reveal set to hit the web on Thursday, September 15! I hope you like it, I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

For those who haven't yet read the first book of the Favorite Things Trilogy, it's easy to get caught up! RAINDROPS ON ROSES is just 99¢ for Kindlelites—but only for a limited time, so grab your copy ASAP! Raindrops has also gotten a new cover to celebrate the release of Book 2!

And if you're not on my announcement list, sign up now so you don't miss the special giveaways and BSS sneak peeks in the coming weeks!

Warmest regards!


  1. Hi Millenia! I'm excited for book 2! Started thinking you were going to leave us hanging!

  2. Hey Gina, long time no see!!

    No, I'd never do that, LOL, just been busy with a ton of other projects but I'm happy to finally get back to my writing!

    Thanks for always supporting me!! I hope you love this one too and think it was worth the wait! ;-)

    Warm regards,


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