Monday, January 09, 2006

Millenia Enters the Blogosphere.......

I succumbed. For the past few months several people have asked me: "So, how come you don't have a blog yet?" Well. Here it is. To kick off 2006, I'm finally joining the ever-popular trend of blogging! I plan to blog about any and everything, so enjoy!

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Not a whole lot to yap about right now. I'm gearing down after just completing my second novel, THE GREAT BETRAYAL. It's scheduled for release Fall 2006. We'll have the prologue up on the website before too long so stay tuned---it's a good one! I'm hoping everyone enjoys it as much as they're loving THE GREAT PRETENDER! I've been receiveing the most wonderful e-mails from everyone, thank you so much!

THE GREAT BETRAYAL isn't a sequel, but the copy-cat title is the publisher's effort to build on my first book, an attempt at "branding". We'll see what happens. I can only imagine what the title of book #3 may end up being. I hope we can find one that fits the plot I have in mind....

I noticed that the blogosphere's all abuzz today about the James Frey "memoir".
The Smoking Gun really out did themselves with this one. I'm a big fan of that site, but now I'm an even bigger one.

I'm curious to see if Oprah will make any comment about what they've turned up. I'm sure a shiver ran through the halls of Harpo Studios today. They all praised that book so much. I wonder if anyone there suspected it wasn't fact....Wouldn't you love to be a tap on that phone line when Mr. Frey tries to explain TSG's findings to Oprah? Oh, boy. If only.

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